NYC weekend: yoga, meditation and healthy food

One of the reasons why I love travelling is that just in a few days you can discover so many new things, here is my list from last trip to New York.

MNDFL meditation 

New York City’s premier meditation studio

239 E. 60th Street New York, NY 10022


I’ve always been a big city girl but during this last trip for the first time I was a bit overwhelmed with the New York’s hustle and bustle. I still enjoyed its energy and found it very motivating and inspiring but it was so nice to have a quite moment in a beautiful  MNDFL studio. I think it’s what makes New York so special – you can find everything you want in this city. I went to the Upper East Side location after having lunch with a friend in a very busy restaurant full of office workers (lots of people in suits make me anxious 😬) and it was such a contrast to be in this serene and calming space. I absolutely loved the design – minimalistic with lots of light, natural wood, green plants and beautiful cushions which are available in different sizes and shapes. Theres is a great selection of books suggested by each teacher, very delicious free tea and a comfy couches, where you can stay  for as long as you want even if you don’t plan to go for a class. I had a 30 min MNDFL Heart session with Kevin Townley, he guided us through loving kindness meditation. If you haven’t tried this practice yet I can recommend it to anyone who is struggling to control negative emotions towards themselves or others.

MNDFL doesn’t offer traditional yoga classes, which makes this place more special, it’s such a great idea for a crazy busy city like New York. There are 3 locations Upper East side, Greenwich village and Williamsburg, first session is just $10, and MNDFL is also included in a Class Pass.

Jivamukti Yoga Center New York

The birthplace of Jivamukti Yoga

841 Broadway 2nd Floor New York NY 10003


I really miss my favourite teachers from London and since I moved away, I wasn’t able to find any classes which would make me feel complete. I wanted to try Jivamukti yoga for a while and Jivamukti Yoga Center at Union Square, one of the oldest yoga schools in the US, was the best place to do it. We attended 1.35 h class with Juan Sierra, it was a great intense class with lots of adjustments and I could definitely feel my muscles the next day. I loved the music during the class and Juan was very kind to share his playlist.

$22 for drop-in class, also included in a Class Pass.

Beyond Sushi 

Plant-based sushi

229 E 14th St.New York, NY 10003 (+ 4 other locations)

I saw this recommendation on the Jivamukti yoga website and we decided to check it out. Union Squre location is very tiny with just a couple of tables, so take away can be a good idea.

100% vegan and plant based sushi made with black or six-grain rice and lots of interesting ingredients and sauces like curried cauliflower, sundries tomatoes, butternut squash with almond pesto or enoki mushrooms and baked tofu with shiitake truffle sauce. Soups, dumplings, noodle salads, rice paper wraps and many more.



DSCF9541 2


Japanese Ramen Noodle Brasserie 

321 West 51st Street (+another location in East Village)

We ate asian food almost everyday in NYC, it’s soooo good there. IPPUDO is a very busy place and you may wait for you table for a long time but you won’t regret it. On their website they say “Ramen is a cosmos created in a bowl” and although I can’t remember the name or ingredients of the ramen we were eating I definitely can agree with that statement. It’s was very good! I was so fun i couldn’t finish desert (it doesn’t happen to me very often :))   It’s is not a vegetarian place as ramen traditional made with pork broth, but vegetarian options in a menu look very attractive. I was surprised to find out that IPPUDO has restaurants in London and Paris as well, along with the bunch of asian cities like Honk Kong and Singapore.

The Little Beet Table 

Vegetable-forward healthy food focused on local high quality ingredients.

333 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10010

Great example of a non vegetarian restaurant where everybody will find what to eat. Along with traditional burgers and steaks you can find vegetarian alternatives like Beet & Chickpeas burger and Grilled Cauliflower steak.


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