Vegetarian places in Montreal


Super affordable bar with vegetarian menu, smoothies, beer and live music. 

552, rue Sainte-Catherine est (2e étage), Montréal,H2L 2E1

It’s been a while since I haven’t been drinking alcohol and I’ve always been dreaming about the place where you can drink green smoothies all night, enjoy the music and hang out with your friends who may be prefer beer and wine instead.

L’escalier is my dream come true, love the atmosphere of that place, very different and authentic, the interior is shabby, the crowd is highly mixed from kids playing board games to “old artist” kind of guys, live music and dancing people.

We came about 10 pm and had delicious and very filling vegetarian snacks – vegetable samosas and selection of tapas style starters with basil, olive tapenade (very good, want to try to make it myself) and humus. With a glass of smoothie it was just $12 for 2 people (!).





Copper Brunch 

Plant-based fast food 

3 locations in Montreal 

Reminded me of my beloved Pret, except that the Copper Lunch is all plant-based which is even better.

The menu is diverse and looks very attractive – power bowls, burgers, soups, fresh sides, deserts and all day breakfast.

I went for a classical avocado toast and raspberry chia pudding but there were so many other things I wanted to try! Till the next time in Montreal!




La Panthere Verte 

6 locations in Montreal

Vegan cafe with great falafel 


Olive & gourmando

Gourmet cafe with some vegan and gluten-free options.

351 Saint-Paul St W, Montreal, QC H2Y 2A7

Seems like a very popular place as we had to wait for a table for quite a bit.

Beautifully looking big salads, panini & sandwiches, artisanal breads and pastry.

A few vegan and gluten free options, more choice if you eat cheese.

Cosy interior nicely decorated with lots of plants.


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