Natural Beauty Products: Argan Oil, Eau d’Hamamelis and mud mask


Distilled Witch Hazel Liquid

I came across it when looking for a natural face tonic which would be good for problem skin. I’ve heard of Witch Hazel (or Hamamelis virginiana) as a popular ingredient in a traditional medicine and natural skin care products and was happy to find it in this form with minimum additives. There are formulas with and without alcohol. It’s truly multifunctional and can be used for blemish conrol, as an after-shave, treatment for bruises and insect bites. I’m definitely taking this one to Sri Lankа!

Argan Oil

Got this organic argan oil as a souvenir from Morocco. I found it very rich so this little 50 ml spray bottle lasts forever. I think traditionally again oil is mainly used for hair, but in addition to using  it as a treatment for dry ends, I apply it on hands and nails, on a face and even around eyes when my skin feels very dry, particularly in winter.

Styx Moor mask 

This mud mask is great for problem skin which is also dry and sensitive, and unlike other products based on mud doesn’t dry out when applied but provides moisturising effect as well as very effective for contested and acne – prone skin. I love the fact that it can be heated up slightly and applied warm, makes me feel like i’m in SPA.

Styx is actually one of my favourite brands which I used since I was a teenager, even before natural cosmetic became so trendy. It’s an Austrian family company which is not so big, so probably it wont’t be easy to find Styx products in North America,  however my Russian friends can buy it in virtually any pharmacy in Moscow.


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