In Santani everything is an absolute aesthetic pleasure from surroundings, architecture, and design, to all the little details like deliciously smelling cinnamon shampoo and beautiful staff uniform. And of course nature and absolutely breathtaking view which makes you feel like you are in the clouds. Endless green heels covered in the morning mist or sky magically changing its color when the sun goes down – watching this without lifting your head off the pillow is the best meditation. Together with incredibly delicious meals which are individually prepared for you, I don’t think there is anything else to dream of when you want to relax and recharge.


Waking up to this view – priceless…


Have you ever done yoga in the clouds?


Yoga shala with the most beautiful “music” of nature – birds singing and wind going through the trees…


I’m an ocean person, but swimming in this crystal clear mountain river was a very joyful and refreshing experience (no, I didn’t fall down from the rock while taking this pictures :))


How is this view for dinner?


Sunset watching…


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