How To Find Yoga Job In Paradise

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After sharing my Sri Lankan adventure on I’ve received lots of questions about how to find a yoga job abroad. So I thought it would be helpful to share my experience and tips here with you.


  • No surprise the number one source would be the internet. I found my yoga job in Sri Lanka on this website. You can find paid / volunteer and job exchange opportunities all over the world. Occasionally there are options not only for yoga teachers but also marketing professionals, photographers & videographers, cooks and other hospitality-related positions. You can look through the posted jobs for free but you need to signup for the paid membership if you want to apply through Yogatade website. Alternatively, if the name of the employer is mentioned in the post you can contact them directly. At the moment its $36 per year or $48 per 2 years.



  • Facebook groups        

There is a number of groups on FB where both employers and teachers can post (you can create a post with the description of your experience, destinations and availability).  There are free and easy to use as you can message the potential employer right away or ask a question in comments. Of course, they are a bit less organised and if you are in an active search check it regularly as interesting opportunities can get lost in a busy Facebook feed. Most of the groups are public and you just have to be approved by admin to join.

Yoga Jobs alll over the world

Yoga jobs

Yoga Teach & Travel

Yoga Teachers Across the Globe 


I would say this website is oriented more on the backpackers and students on their gap year. Most of the jobs are non-paid work exchange opportunities when you would get free accommodation and food for your skills. Not particularly focused on yoga but offers plenty of hospitality related opportunities in small privately owned businesses, including sustainable guesthouses, hostels, farms. Everything from surfing coaching, photography to gardening, painting or babysitting. That’s why the list of jobs available will be way longer, you can search by the keywords and by part of the world, country, region or city. I’ve seen many interesting volunteering opportunities on this website. It didn’t result in the real experience yet, but I definitely think this website is worth checking especially if you are travelling for an extended period of time, looking to use your skills, meet local people, help others or experience something different from the regular accommodation options.  Membership is $36 / year or $46 / year for a couple or 2 friends.

In addition to these Internet resources, needless to say, that it is always easier to find a job when you are already in the country. Going to local yoga schools, surf camps, checking out wellness hotels & retreats can be helpful. If not teaching regularly, you can also offer workshops or be a sub teacher, which is a perfect short-term option. 

Hope it will be helpful for all my travel addicted yogi friends. 

Please let e know if you have any questions ♡ 


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