Hi! I’m Natasha, a certified yoga instructor currently based in Byron Bay, Australia. I’m happy to share with you my passion for yoga, which to me is the most universal way to find inner peace, to cultivate mindfulness, strength and flexibility in your body and mind.

Photo by Luke Dean-Weymark

Long story short 

I started to practice yoga more than 10 years ago. I was 17 and lived in Moscow. Since then so many things happened – I travelled the world, I met lots of wonderful people, I lived in different countries,  starting a new chapter each time. My relationships with yoga changed over the years, the understanding of its depth didn’t come to me right away, but I would intuitively come back to yoga whenever I felt in need of calm and reset.

Even though I’ve been in love with India and its culture for a while, it was in busy London where the main switch happened and yoga became an essential part of my life. At that time I went to my favourite studio every day, sometimes twice, skipping lunch in favour of 45 minutes of yoga. Quitting my corporate job wasn’t an easy decision, but I took a big breath and jumped.. on the plane to India. My training in the Himalayas was amazing – I deepened my practice and came back really inspired by my experience there. I’m still looking for my path, learning and exploring. The first classes I taught gave me a huge energy boost, it’s the best reward to be able to do what I love and to share my knowledge with others.

I’m so happy to see that more and more people around the world doing yoga. I know yoga can’t cure everything and solve all the problems, but it can help us to be present,  to focus on the positive and to bring more peace and love to our life.

Among other things I love all animals (I really think we shouldn’t eat them), fruits (these should be eaten liberally), sea, sun and kind people 🙂

Thanks for stopping by the website and I hope to see you on the mat!


200 hours – International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Rudraprayag, India (Feb – March, 2016)

Bachelor degree in Sociology – Moscow State University (2002-2007)


Ana Forrest Workshop, Prana Shanti Ottawa (2017)

Alignment re-defined: looking beyond the myths in search of a better yoga practice with Jim Harrington, Stretch London (2016)

Introduction to anatomy + physiology applied to yoga: an experiential workshop with Andrew McGonigle, Triyoga London (2015)

Stress + the art of yoga with Howard Napper, Triyoga London (2015)

First Aid, CPR  C & AED, Ottawa (2016)